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Technology Management Associates

TMA is a leading provider to the Intelligence and Defense communities. TMA’s core competencies support Multi-INT environments: SIGINT, FISINT, and COMINT.

Capabilities include: National Tactical Integration, Multi- INT fusion, Digital Signal Processing, Algorithm Development, and Signal Analysis, Systems Integration, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Hard Integration and Fabrication.

TMA has software-based, Digital Signal Processing solutions deployed worldwide in both the national and tactical arenas. TMA provides real time, real world support CONUS and OCONUS in a host of areas: Software Development, DSP & Exploitation, Network Engineering, Mission Operations.

Contact: info@tmamission.com


TMA is the prime contractor for Theatre Net-centric Geolocation (TNG) and the Joint Interface Control Document (JICD).


TMA utilizes open standards and its deep industry expertise to design, build, and integrate sensor systems for the DoD.


Existing applications and frameworks, including X-Midas, NeXtMidas, and REDHAWK to reduce software development costs and increase long-term maintainability.


TMA’s headquarters includes a state-of-the-art, 5,400 sq. ft. data center. Space is available for customers and partners.

Apex Expert Solutions

The premier intelligence solutions provider to Special Operations Forces  – combining analytics, engineering, and operations to deliver excellence.

APEX has proven its value in garrison and in deployed environments by providing GIS, full-motion video (FMV), SIGINT, and ISR services to intelligence and DoD customers. Expert analysts process and exploit complex information for both conventional and special operations forces (SOF), delivering actionable intelligence for the warfighter.

APEX trainers are seasoned professionals with real world experience in multiple combat and non-combat theaters. APEX engineers solve complex problems, create customized solutions, and ensure information empowers decision-makers to make timely and accurate decisions.

Contact: info@apexxs.com


ATLAS Data Solution Suite provides a modular high-­‐performance data integration and management suite, which delivers automated data discovery, organization, access, analysis, and packaging services for your enterprise data. Available in multiple specialized modules for SIGINT, GEOINT, unstructured text, and other data formats.


A native Android application that can be easily installed on phones used by trainees, role players, and other participants. ATLAS Tracker sends real-time geolocation heartbeat messages at customized intervals (up to every second) to a secure web server accessible by exercise controllers. The geolocation messages also include customizable identification information, specific to participants, such as user identification, assigned teams or roles, and the training exercise identification.

Exercise controllers can show participants their position or the positions of others through a browser-based, mobile friendly interactive map layer. This layer is updated in near real time and can also be viewed using desktop clients like ArcGIS.


The ATLAS Smart Edge Solution provides high video resolution and wide area capture  This overcomes the limitations many organizations have when operating their FMV sensors at lower resolutions; limiting analysis and exploitation opportunities. ATLAS solves the problem by providing out-of-band video compression, storage, and streaming in a low-cost, small form-factor device.


A cutting edge end-to-end technical video management solution designed to effectively manage specialized terrestrial (ground) based single or multi-view video collections for the Department of Defense (DoD), Law Enforcement (LE), Other Government Agencies (OGA), and Commercial entities.

ATLAS VMS supports commonly used desktop clients such as Google Earth, ArcGIS, SocetGXP, and web based applications. Also includes a reference web client that accesses data through an open application programming interface (API).

Volume Integration

Volume Integration is committed to their founding belief that state-of-the-art solutions can be delivered to customers at a reasonable cost. As leaders in big data analytics, Volume Integration engineers have years of experience developing and integrating analytic capabilities within the cloud.

As your partner in disruption, VI will help you design, develop and maintain robust analytical cloud capabilities that transform your ability to gather insight from data, when time, cost, and quality are critical.

Contact: info@volumeintegration.com


Volume data science engineers tap into years of experience to help you obtain actionable intelligence from massive amounts of data.

Handles real-time data collected from audit events, service logs or network sensors, and analyzes that against other holdings to be able to take immediate action on active threats or opportunities.

Innovation Services

For NS2 customers, our Innovation Services is a critical accelerator that uses agile, end-to-end innovation to extend commercial SAP software in unique ways that support the most challenging mission needs.

Unlike system integrators and other competitors, NS2 removes deployment and operational risk by delivering long term cleared, US-based maintenance and support provided directly by SAP. 

Contact: innovationservices@sapns2.com

Our innovative solutions are long-term, cloud-based or on-premise; protected through secure SAP support and maintenance that is 100% U.S. based.

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