What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can offer massive benefits that advance the national security mission. In this video, Bob Palmer, VP of Solutions Innovation at SAP NS2 describes what Machine Learning is, how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing the mission, and how technology is available today that can give national security analysts a competitive edge.

SAP NS2 2017 Solutions Summit Event Highlights

In October 2017, SAP NS2 hosted the 6th Annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit, we examined how emerging technology like machine learning can add unprecedented depth and context to data. These technologies can turn information into understanding and providing us with the picture needed to decide and act in the moment of truth.

SAP NS2 2016 Solutions Summit Event Highlights

Relive the most memorable moments from the 5th Annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit. From the in-depth panels to exclusive interviews with speakers and more, take a look at the highlights.

2016 Solutions Summit – Opening Remarks

SAP NS2 President & CEO Mark Testoni welcomes guests to the 5th annual Solutions Summit. In this brief introduction video Mark introduces key themes an illustrates the need for increased collaboration between private sector innovators and leaders in government.

2016 Solutions Summit – Panel: Beyond the Valley

Watch our first panel “Beyond the Valley: How the Rising Tide of Commercial Innovation Can Revolutionize the Mission,” featuring Teresa Carlson, Alan Wade, Scott Bethel, Robert Ames, and Doug Wolfe, moderated by Tobin Hershaw.

2016 Solutions Summit – The Modern Threat Brief

Philip Mudd, former Senior Official at CIA and FBI, and CNN Counterterrorism Commentator, takes the audience on a real-time threat brief experience, asking the critical questions security professionals need to know to take action to protect against an attack.

360 Virtual Reality Video

Take an immersive 360 degree journey alongside national security analysts as you track a terror suspect’s digital trail. See firsthand, in full virtual reality, how new technology gives analysts an edge in the hunt. For the best experience, view on your mobile phone.

2016 Solutions Summit – Panel: Enlightened Pursuit

Watch the day’s second panel “Enlightened Pursuit: Leveraging Open Source Intelligence to Illuminate the Digital Trail” featuring Matt Olsen, Rebecca Wiener, Michael Steinbach and James Shinn, moderated by Ken Dilanian.

2016 Solutions Summit – NS2 Serves

Alpha Germain, U.S. Air Force veteran and NS2 Serves graduate, recounts the difficulties she faced and how the NS2 Serves program helped her attain the training and support she needed to start a rewarding IT career.

Multi-INT Fusion Platform

Philip Mudd discusses his time working with the CIA and FBI. With the constant influx of information from social media, print documents, surveillance networks and more, the process for tracking adversaries is evolving. The answer? SAP HANA®.

SAP NS2 2015 Solutions Summit – Highlights

The 2015 SAP NS2 Solutions Summit took place in Falls Church, VA. From conversations surrounding technological advancement to methods on how to analyze data quickly, the Solutions Summit offered many highlights. Check out some memorable moments here.

SAP NS2 Solutions Summit 2015 – Mark Testoni’s Introductory Remarks

SAP NS2 President, Mark Testoni, greets the summit audience, delivers a brief history of past solution summits and sets the table for what attendees can expect throughout the event. Now you can relive his thoughts in his informative introduction remarks.

SAP NS2 2014 Solutions Summit

Did you miss out on the 2014 Solutions Summit? Were you there, but want to revisit the event? Take a look at our compilation of the event’s highlights.