Data First,
From the Enterprise
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The ATLAS Advantage

The ATLAS Mission Platform (AMP) is a modular, high-performance data management and integration suite created to support today’s most urgent analytical needs. AMP enables teams to discover, analyze, visualize and deploy content, when failure is not an option. Discover how AMP can help you achieve mission success.



Stop working against your information, and immerse into it through intuitive and easy to use search capabilities


Compare items, identify trends, correlate patterns, detect anomalies and create workflows to easily analyze data sets


Enable users to sort through and spatially visualize all their data, rapidly and efficiently


Deploy with iSoDRIVE and enable rapid sub-setting, download and synchronization of large datasets


Crawl, listen, index, enrich, and tag data on your network file shares, local hosts, removable media and databases


Access your on-premise data from anywhere. With AMP, open standards is a way of life no matter what your tool of choice is


Leverage high-performance computing ecosystem management without the risk of data compromise, all within the AMP’s easy to use interface

Platform Modules


LIDAR processing pipelines bring life back to your historic collection, allowing you to efficiently expose new data and incorporate it as part of your enterprise’s 3D capabilities. With AMP, you can parallelize and expedite your LIDAR processing needs.


AMP crawls tags, manages and makes your own data discoverable on your enterprise. Whether single-band, multispectral, airborne, thematic, commercial or private images. Sift and crawl through your data holdings, identify different image providers, and expose key metadata information to end users.


AMP manages a range of video capabilities, including full motion, airborne, static surveillance and special reconnaissance. We take your stale and historic video and make it part of today’s evolving intelligence cycle. Geospatially and contextually discover previously disparate pieces of video within data holdings, while exposing content as part of your unique workflow.


Do you have historic survey data? Are you traveling to a location you’ve been to before? AMP crawls and indexes signals data, exposing it for retrieval while enabling scalable high-performance analytics. AMP provides enhanced and immersive understanding of location-intelligence content.


AMP crawls, enriches, indexes and exposes your organization’s unstructured text for end user discovery. With AMP, you can extract entities like geographical coordinates, personalities and keywords, all while enhancing your analytic experience. Whether you have text files sitting on a share or need an improved data management plan, AMP can help.

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