Data Solutions

Overcome Information

More data is collected every second, than at any time in history. This leads to data overload, and with overload comes chaos. At SAP NS2, we help you control the chaos and turn data into actionable intelligence, at the speed of the mission.

Gain a Single Source
of the truth

Build data-driven applications to deliver one source of the truth across diverse data sets

Predict Potential

Go beyond just asking questions to predicting outcomes using machine learning

Achieve Data

Source the answers to any question without having to wait hours

Link to: SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
Link to: SAP HANA
Link to: SAP Data Hub

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Technical Sales

Speak with a team member who understands both the technology, and the national security domain. Our technical sales experts are U.S. persons, on U.S. soil, and are standing by to discuss capabilities for your data challenge. Email