SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

Designed to meet the demands of the digital economy, this high-performance SQL database server uses a relational model to power transaction-based applications – on premise or in the cloud. The relational database server modernizes and dramatically speeds up transaction-intensive applications. Reach new heights of performance, reliability, and efficiency – now optimized for the national security mission.

Functional Capabilities

High-speed data and transaction – Quickly process millions of transactions, while supporting rapid growth in data and transaction volumes.

Robust database security – Rely on best-in-class data security, system stability, and disaster recovery to reduce operational risks.

Efficient relational database system – Harness a powerful relational database system that requires fewer resources and makes the most of underutilized assets.

Reduced IT costs – Shrink IT costs by optimizing storage, processors, and staff resources.

Technical Capabilities

In-memory computing – Equip applications with instant responsiveness and higher throughput by using the latest in-memory database architectures.

Flexible encryption and database security technology – Safeguard your data from internal and external security breaches without changing applications.

Unified architecture for business continuity – Protect against planned and unplanned downtime with a unified architecture for high availability and disaster recovery.

Advanced in-database compression – Compress large data sets to lower storage costs and improve overall performance.

Workload analyzer – Quickly assess the impact of configuration changes on application performance, without disrupting production systems.

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