SAP Data Hub

SAP Data Hub is a DataOps management solution that enables agile data operations across the enterprise. It supports data sharing, pipelining, and governance of all data in the connected landscape. SAP Data Hub is an open-data architecture that works across Hadoop, data lakes, cloud object storage, relational databases, enterprise applications, and more.

Immediate Impact

Achieve simplicity and scalability in operations and landscape management

Accelerate and expand data projects

Build agile, data-driven applications

Achieve centralized data governance and visibility of data lineage

Key Benefits

DataOps management – Experience a simpler, more scalable approach to data operations and landscape management with enterprise-spanning data governance and easier data integration.

Accelerate data projects – Expand your data projects by easily creating powerful data pipelines in a single, visual design environment.

Data-driven applications – Accelerate your business with fast pipeline results enabled by “push-down” distributed native processing.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Data Operations Cockpit – Create a comprehensive, open data landscape by working across a diversity of data sources and applications with governance.

Data Pipelines and Refinement – Create complex, multistep data pipelines to refine and augment or enrich data at the source. Having a full landscape view of data lineage and quality enables you to make better decisions.

Orchestration & Operations – Rapidly execute powerful data flows using distributed local processing with scheduling and monitoring across the data landscape. Create a comprehensive, open-data landscape by working across a diversity of data sources and applications with governance.

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