Secure, monitor, and optimize your
complex multi-cloud environments

Continuous and Comprehensive
Cloud Security Posture Management

CloudMIXR allows agencies to monitor every aspect of their multi-cloud environment.  You can track your cloud spend across hyper-scalers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.  From the intuitive interface you can also monitor and track potential threats including those from cloud infrastructure, system users, and outside influencers.  This tool streamlines your ability to maintain cloud compliance and security requirements.

What is CloudMIXR?

As cloud deployments in private and public sectors grow in both size and complexity, it’s become increasingly difficult to identify security threats. CloudMIXR is a cloud security posture management (CSPM) solution that solves for this, providing digestible insights into your rapidly changing, multi-cloud environment. It also enhances multi hyper-scaler deployments, no matter how big or complex a cloud landscape is.

CloudMIXR complies with mandated regulatory standards across complex cloud environments to ensure required patches and configurations are up-to-date. Agencies can then better mediate configuration drifts, detect anomalies, and receive robust alerts informing the team of significant account risks, costs, and performance changes. And it does it all while monitoring the cloud ecosystems to optimize cloud spend.

Benefits of managing your multi-clouds with CloudMIXR

Decreased cloud spend

CloudMIXR collects account cost information to visualize and compare it with resource utilization, allowing you to better monitor your cloud-spend based on the types of resources used within multi-cloud environments.

Increased security

CloudMIXR continuously analyzes configuration and security information within your cloud deployments so you have peace of mind knowing that your environment is secure, and your configuration is up-to-date.

Managed compliance

CloudMIXR offers a variety of templates and controls that support agencies in maintaining compliance and security requirements in the cloud. These compliance programs include GDPR, HIPAA, NERC, ISO 27001-2013, NSA, PCI-DSS 3.2, and SOC2.

CloudMIXR enhances multi hyper-scaler deployments, no matter how big or complex your cloud landscape may be.

Learn more about CloudMIXR

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