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NS2 Data Fusion

NS2 Data
Our data solutions manage today’s growing data chaos and overload for faster verified and actionable intelligence. Gain control of your data to reach a single, trusted source of truth.


  • Highly secure and mission compliant
  • Real-time analysis
  • High-speed data processing
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Lower data management costs

We can help – with high-performance, scalable data solutions that are built for the unique security requirements of the Intelligence Community.


Solutions are designed to validate and verify distributed datasets at high speeds. Analysts can get to a single source of truth with a single, visual management environment to automate and audit data without mass aggregation.


Our portfolio of data solutions includes predictive analytics and machine learning applications. Our team can help extend your capabilities to meet your data processing requirements.


In addition to high-speed in-memory processing, our data solutions automate repetitive processes to find and validate signals faster while reducing potential for human error.


Our portfolio of solutions can scale across a variety of massive data volumes and supports different platforms to enable true multi-INT analysis.

SAP HANA Data Management Suite

The SAP HANA Data Management suite lets you collect and combine all of your data types on a single platform. This helps reduce overall data sprawl and speed data analysis. Simplify your transition to an intelligent enterprise, ready to tackle each new mission objective.

SAP Enterprise Data Hub

The Enterprise Data Hub is an all-in-one data orchestration solution that centralizes and structures your data governance program. Create automated, repeatable processes to find, cleanse, enhance, and analyze all your data, wherever it resides.

Streamline your data delivery process

  • Access and manage your data at a level above siloes, data structures, applications, and location.
  • You can choose what data to share across your agency, reducing duplication and volume bloat. Simplify and decrease the time it takes to develop and deliver intelligent data.

Tailor deployment to your needs – on premises, private cloud, or managed cloud services

  • Since SAP Data Hub leaves your data where it resides, you can use your existing storage and processing infrastructure.

Deliver intelligence efficiently

  • Rapidly deliver valuable, trusted data to the right users when they need it.

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Data Security

SAP NS2 is a trusted national security provider with 100% U.S.-based personnel, infrastructure, and cloud operations centers. We offer a variety of security offerings, guidelines, tools, and training backed by product-security response processes and experts to help you build and operate a first-class security environment.

Data center security
We deliver uncompromising information security for your on-premises, cloud, and mobile environments. Our continuous technology and infrastructure testing and monitoring ensure that our data centers run smoothly around the clock.

Secure operations
Our end-to-end security monitoring strategy covers physical security, infrastructure, and applications. We’ve added preventive blocking features, behavioral analytics, and pattern detection capabilities to identify risky users and systems and improve our ability to predict and foil future attacks, incidents, and data breaches.

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer

SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer lets you design your agency’s Data Management Suite in one integrated environment. It provides the tools to design, analyze, and share your organization’s strategies, requirements, processes, data, and IT landscapes across your enterprise architecture –to identify transformation plans and drive successful outcomes.

Turn successful requirements into projects

  • Use a blueprint to chart the steps, from defining your business capabilities and requirements to executing business processes and data structures.

Govern architecture changes effectively

  • Maintain transparency and ensure traceability of processes and data lineage through all of your systems, applications, and services.

Accelerate results with flexible deployment options

  • Choose from on-premises or cloud (as a service) deployment to meet your business objectives quickly and efficiently.


SAP HANA combines database storage and management with analytical processing. Its flexible integration capabilities allow you to connect your existing third-party software and SAP technology. As a result, you can simplify your infrastructure and consolidate legacy systems. Continue to add on to your system with next-generation real-time applications, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Faster queries and data aggregation

Data is stored in high-speed memory, organized, and partitioned. This reduces the time it takes to deliver queries and aggregated data.

Run anywhere

We offer a variety of deployment options that help you create a data center to meet your operational requirements – public or private cloud, tailored data center, or 1000+ certified appliance configurations from 13 leading vendors.

Scalability and efficiency

SAP HANA can support multiple terabytes within a single server. The platform can scale even further to meet peak data loads by automatically redistributing large tables across clustered servers.

Data Management and Landscape Optimization

The Data Management & Landscape Transformation group (DM<) offers data quality and data integration services. Our IT experts share 23 years of experience on 20,000 projects in 25 industries, with extensive experience in data management and architectures. Rapid data migration

We can help you quickly and efficiently move to SAP S/4HANA, migrate your data for new software or system implementations, landscape transformations, or consolidations.

Data unification and harmonization

Our experts can unify and standardize your financial and controlling processes and analyze and clean incorrect data.

System consolidation

Reduce the cost of operating your distributed systems worldwide with a thorough review and consolidation of your system landscape.

Information management and governance

Manage and protect your master data – and make performance improvements based on fast, accurate, and complete information.

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