Defense One Tech Summit 2020

SAP NS2 is more than a software vendor or a services company.

We partner with our customers to understand their unique needs. We build tailored solutions that leverage some of industry’s best software tools and most talented humans. From custom development to cloud, and virtually everything in between, we power the secure intelligent enterprise.

Data superiority begins with domain awareness.

The volume, variety, and velocity of data related to space operations is outpacing analysts’ manual ability to find, aggregate, and correlate that data into coherent domain awareness for the vast warfighting domain that is Space.

NS2 Labs is open for collaboration.

We created a place where innovating to solve our nation’s most pressing problems comes first — no matter your industry. If you’re a technology company, a research or academic organization, or a government agency seeking innovation, join us.

COVID-19 Tracker

Our COVID-19 tracker uses machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities of the SAP Analytics Cloud. The dashboard, user interface, and ability to deliver insightful information is all done without the need for coding or a team of data scientists. The solution features a live rss feed, geospatial integration with ESRI mapping, and tracks cases of COVID-19 on a global scale all the way down to the county level in the United States.

Geospatial Analytics

Our analytics solutions are designed to help you draw meaningful insights from the massive volumes of data handled daily by your agency. With advanced automation and predictive capabilities, you can anticipate outcomes faster.

Capabilities include:

  • In-memory, advanced analytical processing
  • Self-service tools or integrated cloud solutions
  • Predictive network and link analysis
  • Georeferenced data models
  • Intelligent applications for unique missions

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