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Multi-Domain Situational Awareness: SAP NS2’s multi-domain analytical platform (MDAP) offers a consolidated view of objects, persons, and areas of interest. This perspective enhances the user’s ability to identify potential threats to mission operations. Users can correlate spatial, signals, human, and text-based intelligence for a complete look at an environment, enabling them to anticipate the movements and actions of adversaries.

Supply Chain Intelligence: Supply chain intelligence personnel can leverage SAP Digital Boardroom to better manage inventory and make the most effective decisions based on real-time facts—lead time, material quantity, route master, supply information by location, and plant cross reference. When faced with a challenging situation like an approaching hurricane, organizations can determine which inventory to ship and where to ship it. This data helps management more effectively prepare for and overcome challenges.

Program and Project Analysis and Assessment: Improve decisions regarding the current portfolio of capital and projects based on budgets, costs, value, risks, and ROI, including analysis of budget deviations, environmental health and safety, human resources, and vendor management.

Real-time Tracking: Gain valuable insights for transportation systems by analyzing KPIs, root cause, and density of delays. Determine the cost associated with delays and the causal relationship between delays, repairs, and maintenance.

Qualtrics: Develop employee skills with optimized training courses that deliver tangible performance and development results across the organization. Understand training effectiveness and how courses impact the most important KPIs. Improve learning outcomes with post-training assessments. Drive performance improvements by linking training and employee performance data.

ATLAS Intelligence Platform: The ATLAS Intelligence Platform is a modular, high-performance data management and integration suite created to support today’s most urgent intelligence needs. As a fast, open, and secure platform, ATLAS enables teams to discover, analyze, visualize and deploy solutions in record time, without compromising performance. Discover how ATLAS can help you achieve mission success.

Monitoring and Managing Data Within the ATLAS Intelligence Platform: System administrators can interact with ATLAS Intelligence to facilitate ecosystem and data management workflows.

Data Provisioning from the Enterprise to the Edge: Improve geospatial content provisioning at scale to facilitate large-batch data processing under time constraints. With ATLAS, users can migrate, compress, and transform geospatial content to the deployable infrastructure. Data management tasks available at the edge using ISO drive technology further migrate data for use on mobile devices and other disconnected systems.

Diving into Dense Data Sets: Users can search, exploit, and analyze dense data sets with ATLAS. Narrow the search space and highlight spatial and temporal relevance within persistent Internet-scale, event-based data sets.

Discover and Interact with Your Data Holdings: Increase efficiencies and maximize the use of on-premises historic data holdings, including text, video, imagery, and elevation data. With ATLAS, users can spatially, temporally, and contextually interact with data holdings. By enabling semantic interaction with archived data, users can identify and immerse themselves within relevant content that would otherwise remain undiscovered within the infrastructure. Further, users can tag and expose pertinent information to other enterprise users.

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