At NS2 Labs, Innovation Comes First

We created a place where innovating to solve our nation’s most pressing problems comes first — no matter what industry you’re from.

Get ready. Roll up your sleeves. NS2 Labs is open for collaboration — virtually and in-person. If you’re a technology company, a research or academic organization, or a government agency seeking innovation; we invite you to collaborate with us at NS2 Labs.

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For too many years, we’ve worked separately in large silos: government, commercial, and academia. But when it comes to protecting the United States and the people who live here, we need to work together. It’s time we bridge the gaps. It’s time we share ideas, collaborate, and accelerate the advancement of technology within our government.

NS2 Labs provides capable and productive spaces where the industry’s top minds can work together on the most pressing business challenges customers face in the digital era, bringing together the elements needed to make co-innovation among partners and customers successful.

Both customers and partners benefit from co-innovation. For customers, it means solving problems faster and increasing business agility. For partners, it creates new business, fosters growth, drives brand visibility, and helps build alliances. Collaboration through co-innovation creates an opportunity to combine resources among partners engaged in innovative initiatives and can help participating firms reach new industries and markets.

Together, we will:

  • Innovate and extend technology for government agencies and tech companies
  • Incubate promising new technology startups
  • Invest in solutions that give our nation a strategic technological advantage
  • Build out the future of solutions for national security, regulated industries, and commercial entities for the U.S. and allied nations.

We invite you to join us.

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