NS2 Labs


NS2 Labs was created to innovate with, invest in, and help the national security community. Our vision is to build forward-thinking technology that advances the best of commercial and innovative solutions.

Our focus for NS2 Labs:

  • Incubate promising new technology startups
  • Innovate and extend technology for customers and partners
  • Invest in solutions that give our nation a strategic technology advantage

We are looking for partners in the national security, industry, or academic space motivated to collaborate on the toughest problems.

To get started, contact us.

Investment in Ideas – The NS2 Labs Fund

NS2 Labs Fund identifies, invests, and acquires technology companies with the potential have a strategic impact in the National Security space.

We work closely with our investment portfolio products to drive technology innovation to deliver scale and speed required by our National Security customers.

The NS2 Labs Fund staff enables our investments portfolio customers to leverage the National Security Infrastructure of NS2 — providing access to security, GTM, marketing, cloud and channel teams to boost our investments reach and delivery capabilities in this space.

Some of our investments are listed below:



Incubating Technology – Providing a Strategic Advantage

No two missions are alike — which is why NS2 invests and collaborates directly with customers and partners to take technology from commercially viable to mission ready.  We focused on some ofthe toughest Big Data, Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning Challenges for the National Security Community.

  • Multi-Int Fusion
  • Big-Data Analytics
  • Tracking & Sensors

Our goal is to ensure our technology investments meet the agility, scale, performance and security that each mission requires.

Innovating – For Mission Success

SAP NS2 is committed to fostering an innovative environment that unites experienced professionals with cutting-edge technology, all to advance the national security mission.

Some examples of our current innovation Focus Areas are listed below:

National Security

The ATLAS Intelligence Platform is a modular, high-performance data management and integration suite created to support today’s most urgent intelligence needs. As a fast, open, and secure platform, ATLAS enables teams to discover, analyze, visualize and deploy solutions in record time, without compromising performance.


ATLAS crawls, enriches, indexes and exposes your organization’s unstructured text for end user discovery. With ATLAS, you can extract entities like geographical coordinates, personalities and keywords, all while enhancing your analytic experience. Whether you have text files sitting on a share or need an improved data management plan, ATLAS can help.


ATLAS manages a range of video capabilities, including full motion, airborne, static surveillance and special reconnaissance. We take your stale and historic video and make it part of today’s evolving intelligence cycle. Geospatially and contextually discover previously disparate pieces of video within data holdings, while exposing content as part of your unique workflow.


Do you have historic survey data? Are you travelling to a location you’ve been to before? ATLAS crawls and indexes signals data, exposing it for retrieval while enabling scalable high-performance analytics. ATLAS provides users with a better understanding of historic data.


ATLAS crawls tags, manages and makes your own data discoverable on your enterprise. Whether single-band, multispectral, airborne, thematic, commercial or private images. Sift and crawl through your data holdings, identify different image providers, and expose key metadata information to end users.

Visit Apex for more information about Atlas

Space Situational Awareness

Space operators need technology to drive more speed for sense, relay, and process.

The volume, variety, and velocity of data related to space operations is outpacing analysts’ manual ability to find, aggregate, and correlate that data into coherent Space Situation Awareness (SA).

We focused on solving these issues by delivering accelerated Decision Advantage for Battlespace Management.  The solution helps support and defend our space assets, increases performance of the Joint Air Tasking Cycle, and enhances the speed of F2T2EA & TCPED processes.  It also automates manual multi-INT processing, exploitation, and dissemination processes of ISR data feeds and correlates non-traditional and publicly available info with your existing authoritative data sources

In only 6 weeks of development we built a prototype that ingests and integrates six different space data sources involving over 4,000 space objects. The solution automates propagation calculations and determines line-of-sight for each object, all within a few seconds. The experiment also eliminated 75% of the data from sources that were not relevant to the task.

Law Enforcement

NoteShark is an automated, secure, cloud-based currency solution that optimizes the logging, tracking and recovery of currency utilized by government agencies and public safety organizations.


For many organizations, tracking currency means tediously photocopying bills by hand. The photocopies are filed away, only to be manually matched against any recovered currency in the future. It’s laborious. It’s time-consuming. It’s error-prone. It’s the way of the past.

Using NoteShark you can rapidly extract serial numbers  and capture bill images  – all with the push of a button. Bill artifacts are automatically uploaded to NoteShark’s secure database for automated comparison against prior tracked bills in all participating agencies. The system sends immediate “match” alerts via SMS and email to all relevant parties. It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s accurate. It’s the future of currency tracking.


  • Automated comparison against tracked bills in the database
  • Immediate “match” alert notifications via SMS and email
  • Evidentiary records preserved for prosecution and forfeiture
  • Enables agency-wide statistics and accounting reports
  • User-friendly account management and interface


  • Supports internal agency metrics
  • Compartments case data, providing only ORI and contract info (cross agency)
  • Cloud subscription includes supervisor and detective access, system support and updates

Visit NoteShark.com