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NS2 Labs conducted a virtual hackathon during the pandemic with Gray Analytics to advance our capabilities around securing the supply chain. The product serves the growing customer needs to track and identify the source of every component in their systems.

In scenarios as diverse as electronic components, 5G implementations, and medical supplies, customers are increasingly focused on securing their supply chains. This involves everything from understanding ownership of individual companies, to identifying suppliers down the chain from the purchasing company, to being able to track components at each step of the shipping and implementation process. NS2 Labs and Gray Analytics are pushing the state of the art for secure supply chain capabilities.

NS2 Labs sponsors several academic institutions and STEAM efforts. The University of Colorado Boulder is sponsored to participate in Designing for Defense (D4D). D4D works multiple problems in the DoD space, rotating the problem sets each semester. They also sponsor high school science fairs and robotics teams. In regard to the “A” in steam, NS2 Labs sponsors and showcases digital art projects. NS2 Labs commitment to STEAM extends beyond the outputs produced by the University of Colorado Boulder – we are committed to working with and developing the next generation of brilliant minds to power customer solutions.

SAP NS2 focuses on a range of IoT implementations, including security and the threat of attackers gaining physical access. With a focus on open architectures and integration at the edge, NS2 rapidly integrates a wide variety of sensors to detect and track movement through a campus. Combined with industry-leading SAP database and machine learning capabilities, NS2’s IoT platform detects deviations from “normal” patterns and automatically alerts facility security personnel of potential issues.

NS2 also partners with SafePass to showcase SafePass technology and tie into other IoT devices for COVID related tracking and monitoring. SafePass develops digital, reusable, and smart-tracking visitor badges for access oversight to every aspect of a facility. Combined with temperature and environmental inputs, the system can facilitate awareness and contact tracing.

SAP NS2 and Intel are building a field-deployable platform with hardened security to perform real-time entity detection, classification, and geo-temporal correlation of objects from full motion video. The field deployable platform uses AI to fuse exploited video image data with RF signals, message traffic and social media to automatically deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and trigger operator alerts.

SAP NS2 invests in and co-develops with GoSecure to help organizations reduce dwell time by preventing breaches before they happen. GoSecure is the only security provider to offer a full spectrum from managed threat hunting to managed incident response and forensics services across the endpoint, network and inbox.

SAP NS2 is the key software developer for the Look Dynamics’ Photonic Neural Net (PNN). Unlike common Neural Net systems’ exclusively digital approach, the PNN utilizes digital, analog and photonic elements to their best advantages. The PNN achieves significant speed enhancements by processing optically – literally at the speed of light. The PNN utilizes much less power by employing analog storage and processing elements. As a result, data centers can deploy AI at greater speed, with less power, and a significantly reduced footprint.

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People are busy solving important problems — but it’s not easy to share lessons, discoveries, research, or data. This can lead to delays in innovation, gaps in communication, and lost time and dollars.

When serving the public is top priority, it’s critical to stay connected on the latest innovations, share discoveries, and learn from each other with more ease.

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What Our Members Say

“The biggest challenge in this information age is innovating quickly and securely.

Providing a place for the top minds in our industry to collaborate is an incredible starting point. We are thrilled to help support NS2 Labs and their goal of connecting the best organizations supporting the public sector.”

“To gain the best market feedback and increase efficiency in getting to market, developers shouldn’t build a new product in a dark room somewhere and then introduce it.

It is critical to iteratively design the product while simultaneously collecting feedback from customers and end users. I’m very grateful for NS2 because it is an organic opportunity for SafePass which also offers an array of mutual benefit while developing a brand new, industry-changing product together.”

“Labs gave resources, IT infrastructure, tools, existing processes…

Those are things that don’t mean much to an outsider, but when you’re trying to move concepts and technologies to the next level, those can be huge hindrances in and of themselves. And so by being involved with the Labs, they took that all off the table.”

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