Machine Learning

NS2 Machine Learning

While everyone is talking about Machine Learning and its application in the intelligence community, we’re doing it. Our solutions address the hard data problems facing missions today with the ability to transform noise into actionable knowledge.


  • Designed for non-data scientists
  • Advanced analytical frameworks with high-speed processing
  • Tailored algorithms for different missions
  • Integration of data silos
  • Open, extensible, scalable PaaS

We can help support analysts as they evaluate and analyze more data, on a greater scale, at faster speeds to uncover actionable intelligence for your mission.


Solutions allow non-data scientists with subject matter expertise to perform predictive analytics. Analysts can execute our out-of-box machine learning algorithms to solve mission problems they understand best.


End-to-end machine learning processes automate repetitive data preparation tasks and process an otherwise insurmountable amount of information required to identify connections, make predictions, and assess future courses of action.


Solutions are designed to help analysts apply unique mission expertise across ever increasing levels of data noise.  Our tools shrink the size of the haystack, so analysts can find insight faster, when time is of the essence.


Apply machine intelligence to proactively address evolving cyber data problems. Use behavior-based models to continuously monitor massive data sets and detect anomalies that indicate attacks.

SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics is an on-premise solution that provides the ability to create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models for future behavior and outcomes. Analysts and data scientists can prepare data, create models, and manage their deployments without writing error-prone, time-consuming code.

  • Scalable across agency processes and applications
  • Self-service guided workflows allow analysts to create automated models in just minutes. The workflow allows you to pick predictive functions that are relevant to your use cases using a simple three-step approach
  • Models can be fine-tuned to meet changing requirements and provide high degree of accuracy and actionable insights

SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics Library

SAP HANA 2.0 provides native in-memory capabilities for predictive analytics and machine learning executed at unprecedented speeds directly inside the database. It includes an automated selection of algorithm parameters for machine learning (ML) and a predictive analytics library (PAL). In combination with other advanced processing capabilities like spatial, text or graph analysis extensions SAP HANA enables multi-modal analysis scenarios.

The SAP HANA predictive analytics library (PAL) includes over 90 algorithms that can be used to develop scenarios. Your analysts can run cluster analysis, outlier detection, classification and regression analysis, association analysis, link prediction and recommendation analysis along with many statistical and data preparation algorithms.

SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Library

SAP Conversational AI

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI), world-class language technology, and preconfigured bots to improve interactive experiences within the intelligence community. SAP Conversational AI uses natural language processing (NLP) technology, so you can quickly and easily build bots that understand humans.

  • Build innovative, highly accurate chatbots with our AI bot-building platform
  • Superior service levels- 99% service guarantee on all bot channels
  • At least 85% performance levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Smart scaling for high volumes
  • Integration with SAP and non-SAP solutions


Services – SAP Conversational AI

Machine Learning Research

We’ve built a global partnership network with top universities such as MIT, Stanford, NYU, and the University of Amsterdam to explore the future of machine learning and advance the technology for practical applications. Through this collaboration, we focus on a variety of machine learning research topics and work on solving open AI challenges in a range of industries. By drawing on such a large pool of expertise, we stay abreast of the latest machine learning trends, providing a wealth of proven new techniques to incorporate within our SAP solutions.

Read our machine learning research blog

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