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2019 | Narrowing the Divide

2018 | Era of Awareness

Opening remarks from SAP NS2’s CEO, Mark Testoni

Algorithmic Warfare: The Next Military-Technical Revolution?

Frank Larkin, SAP NS2’s VP of Development

The Intelligent Enterprise

Kyle Rice, SAP NS2’s CTO, and Bob Palmer, SAP NS2’s VP of Solutions and Innovation

The Dark Side of Data: When Information is Weaponized

Featured panelists: Ken Dilanian, Maren Cattonar, Andre Pienaar, Jeffrey C. Chapman, Dr. Richard Forno, and Scott Bethel

The Quantum Quandary: Risk and Rewards in the Race for Emerging Tech

Featured panelists: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Samuel S. Visner, Steve Orrin, Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, LTG Mike Shields (Ret.), and Ilyas Khan, KSG

NS2 Serves Chairman Gen. John Campbell discusses how NS2 Serves helps give back to the community we serve by training and employing veterans in high-tech careers

2017 | Moment of Truth

Highlights from the Moment of Truth

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Bob Palmer, SAP NS2’s VP of Solutions and Innovation

2016 | Wave of Change

Highlights from Wave of Change

A Modern Threat Brief – SAP HANA for the Mission

Philip Mudd, CNN Counterterrorism Commentator, Former Senior Official at CIA and FBI, and Bob Palmer, SAP NS2’s VP of Solutions and Innovation

A Modern Threat Brief – Immersive 360-Degree Virtual Reality Video

Follow along as analysts identify and profile a suspect, using smarter, faster technology to unravel his web of conspiracy

Beyond the Valley: How the Rising Tide of Commercial Innovation Can Revolutionize the Mission

Featured panelists: Tobin Harshaw, Teresa Carlson, Scott Bethel, Alan Wade, Robert Ames, and Doug Wolfe

Enlightened Pursuit: Leveraging Open Source Intelligence to Illuminate the Digital Trail

Featured panelists: Ken Dilanian, Matt Olsen, Michael Steinbach, James Shinn, and Rebecca Weiner

NS2 Serves graduate Alpha Germain discusses how the program has changed her life

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