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CIO Guide to Using SAP HANA

Learn more about SAP's unified data platform, an open and enterprise-ready foundation for data warehousing, analytical, and IoT applications.

SAP Data Services

SAP Data Services helps integrate, transform, and improve your data enterprise-wide, allowing for cost-effective delivery of trusted information to all critical business functions.

SAP Event Stream Processing

SAP Event Stream Processing (ESP) allows you to perform analysis and execute business logic on streaming events in real time and on large volumes of streaming data, allowing you to immediately respond to challenges or exploit opportunities as they occur.


SAP HANA Vora™ is an in-memory query engine that plugs into the Apache Spark executive framework providing enriched interactive data analytics on Hadoop.

SAP Predictive Analytics

SAP Predictive Analytics is a statistical analysis, data mining, and predictive analytics solutions.

Run Your Program in Real-Time at Extreme Scale and Lower TCO

SAP HANA® is the product of co-innovation between SAP® and Intel Corporation® on chip-level instruction sets.

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