SAP Machine Learning Foundation

Create, run, consume, and maintain machine self-learning apps with ease by using algorithms that require no data-science skills. The foundation connects developers, partners, and customers to machine learning technology through the NS2 Secure Cloud. With SAP’s latest release, we’ve expanded the set of capabilities – making it even simpler, and giving you more flexibility, to integrate AI into your operations.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Ready to use services
  • Ability to train out-of-the-box algorithms with your data
  • Ability to deploy your own models

Key Benefits

Optimize operations with intelligent processes

Automate business processes using computer-based predictions and extracting knowledge from different data types, such as images, text, or time-series data.

Enable innovative business scenarios

Use machine learning to enable new scenarios, such as image-based searches and personalized shopping services, to raise the customer experience to a new level.

Get started quickly and scale easily

Achieve a rapid deployment with intuitive Web services and APIs. You can also scale the solution easily as your enterprise grows using our cloud infrastructure.

Mission Capabilities

Custom machine learning models

Deploy and run your own machine learning models or tune existing models with your own data through re-training.

Image processing services

Make images searchable to enable automatic detection of what is shown in pictures or find similar images.

Natural language processing services

Analyze natural language content that is stored in documents, Web sites, or e-mails, and reveal its meaning.

Tabular and time-series processing services

Enable analysis of time-series data for forecasting purposes, as well as timely detection of shifts in demand and changes in inventory stocks.

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