Secure Support

U.S. Citizens Serving Your Mission

When lives and critical assets are on the line, you need to know that you have a support team you can trust. As an independent, U.S.-based secure support provider, we’ve been delivering trusted support to government and critical infrastructure organizations for more than 15 years. We understand your domain and your business needs. With our SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®) support personnel, we offer comprehensive support and compliant infrastructure whether you use on-premise SAP®, or SAP Cloud portfolio solutions.

Proven Support Program

When partnering with SAP NS2, customers receive all the benefits of SAP’s industry-leading support programs, including the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, SAP Solution Manager, SAP OneSupport Launch Pad, plus SAP NS2-exclusive security enhancements. SAP NS2’s key differentiator is these programs use secure infrastructure and processes, delivered by U.S. persons, on U.S. soil. We support multiple security access levels for both information and facilities. SAP NS2 also offers security-enhanced versions of SAP’s flagship premium engagement programs such as SAP MaxAttention™ and the new SAP S/4 SAP HANA Value Assurance service packages which is all you need to quick-start your digital transformation.

SAP NS2 Secure Support Benefits

  • U.S. support personnel
  • Specialized handling of sensitive data and filtered support messages to limit exposure when needed
  • Restricted areas when viewing customer information with infrastructure isolated and air-gapped from the rest of SAP
  • Secure remote access to customer’s SAP environments from a U.S.-based facility for support purposes
  • 24/7 remote connection support for secure product support for large enterprises and SAP MaxSecure customers
  • 24/7/365 global support from SAP available when needed

SAP NS2 Support at a Glance

Mission Critical Support
Technology Control
Secure Remote Access
Innovation Control Center
Operations Control Center
Embedded Support