SAP NS2 Support: Customer Incident Management Guide

How do I create a customer incident?

When you have a problem with your SAP software, search for a solution in a SAP Note or KBA using the various SAP Note solution tools. If solution is not found, create a new incident through the One Support Launchpad.

Remember, before submitting an incident, you can begin an Expert Chat to connect immediately with an SAP Expert.

  1. Provide direct contact information (office phone, cell phone, and e-mail).
  2. Include the steps required to reproduce the problem, including all actions already taken to resolve the issue and any SAP Notes you may have applied.
  3. Assign the correct priority level.
  4. Document the business impact of the problem.
  5. List the version and support pack of all relevant software.
  6. If applicable, provide remote login information to the system in the secure area of the incident. If remote connection is not possible, please provide availability for a screenshare.

What are the priority levels for customer incidents?

Very High Extremely serious interruptions in normal operations. System or production down.

High Serious interruptions in normal operations. Necessary tasks cannot be performed.

Medium Interruptions in normal operations. Problem is caused by incorrect or inoperable functions in SAP software.

Low Normal business transactions are affected minimally, if at all.

Can I raise the priority of an incident?

The priority level can only be changed one of two ways:

  • If the incident status is in Customer Action. In this case, the customer can change the priority directly within the SAP support system.
  • If the customer calls the CIC and requests a priority change.

Please refer to SAP Note 67739 for additional information on incident classifications

How do I define the business impact?

When creating a Very High incident or escalating a High incident, you must include a business impact that answers these five questions:

  1. Is the problem in a productive, test, or development system?
    • If test or development system, when is the go-live scheduled?
    • Does the issue impact a larger project?
  2. What impact does your problem have on your business?
    • Financial impact? If so, what amount of revenue will be lost?
    • Process impact? If so, what business processes are affected? Are systems down or delayed? If delayed, by how long?
  3. Do you have a work-around plan in place? If so, how effective is it?
  4. How many users are impacted?
  5. Define the point-of-contact for the incident. Very High incidents require a 24/7 contact availability.

Please refer to SAP Note 90835 for additional information on business impact.

What does my incident status mean?

New or Sent to SAP SAP will actively work on these incidents.

Customer Action SAP is waiting for a response. If the incident remains in Customer Action status for too long, it will automatically confirm and close after a certain number of days.

Confirmed Indicates the problem has been resolved and cannot be reopened.

How long should I wait for a response?

Once you have submitted your incident, check at least daily for a response, more often for higher priority incidents. Timely responses to SAP’s requests for supporting information will help in shortening the resolution timeline. Send the incident back to SAP after any requested update is completed.

What happens if I don’t respond in a timely manner?

To avoid automatic confirmation of active incidents, respond to the incident explaining that the solution is being implemented and/or the problem is ongoing. Incidents will automatically confirm by SAP if they remain in Customer Action status for the following periods of time:

  • Very High 14 days
  • High 21 days
  • Medium 45 days
  • Low 45 days

How can I escalate an incident?

  1. Call the CIC to request escalation of an existing Incident.
  2. Be ready to provide the business impact driving your request.
  3. Provide the customer incident number and your 24×7 customer contact information.
  4. Call or email the NS2 Backoffice for escalation or screenshare coordination.

What do I need to do after the problem is resolved?

Once your problem has been resolved, take the following actions:

  • Manually confirm the solution within the incident.
  • Complete the survey you receive. Your input helps us support you and is the basis for continuous improvement of our product support services.

For More Information

NS2 Backoffice: +1 610-492-3040

Customer Interaction Center (CIC): +1 800-677-7271 (Available 24/7)
SAP One Support Launchpad: