Turning Thinking into Everything

At SAP National Security Services, Inc. (SAP NS2®), we do one thing: support the mission of national security. Our technology delivers precision outcomes at mission speed. Our team is trusted at the highest echelons of government. We are the people you call when failure is not an option.

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Driving Innovation
in National Security

Today, it’s not as simple as one nation-state against another. Asymmetric and unconventional tactics threaten critical infrastructure, business data, and U.S. citizens’ lives. At SAP NS2, we provide data solutions, analytical insights, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that deliver mission advantage.


At SAP NS2, we leverage best-in-breed technologies engineered by SAP, the global leader in enterprise application software to protect the lives, assets and information of American citizens. These same SAP technologies power some of the most critical financial and business systems in the commercial sector.

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Featured Event

Thank you for joining us for the 7th annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit

We hope you enjoyed the event, and were able to take away useful insights from our expert panelists and presenters. We would like to send a special thanks to all of our sponsors and exhibitors. All videos from the Solutions Summit can be found here.

We also wanted to thank you for stopping by the NS2 Labs Innovation Showcase and the NS2 Cloud breakout session, “Journey to the Cloud”.

Contact SAP NS2
Technical Sales

Speak with a team member who understands both the technology, and the national security domain. Our technical sales experts are U.S. persons, on U.S. soil, and are standing by to discuss capabilities for your data challenge. Email info@sapns2.com.