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Automate Data Fusion of Publicly Available Information

Use automation to find the right data, validate its trustworthiness; then correlate with existing content. The outcome: a complete picture of all the relevant information.

Modernize or Lose the High Ground

The explosion of information from classified & unclassified sensors and sources -- in terms of volume, velocity, and variety -- impacts mission owner ability to produce meaningful intelligence for decision makers, from the Secretary of Defense to a squad leader on patrol. SAP NS2 is uniquely qualified to tackle this challenge.

SAP SuccessFactors Suite Security Services

SAP NS2 has established a partnership with AWS to bring together the expertise needed for the delivery of a FedRAMP compliant software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment.

SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure and Secure Managed Services to Help Protect and Run Your SAP Applications. The SAP NS2 Cloud is an offering to meet our government and critical infrastructure customers’ unique security requirements.

Efficiently manage data that changes at the speed of space

Many of the DoD’s current systems are challenged with limitations in handling near-real-time SA. Limitations lead to problems for space operations which require analysts to spend increasing amounts of time...

Finding the Single Source of Truth in All the Data Chaos

For years, agencies have attempted to harness information in order to drive decisions. Today, the volume, velocity, and variety of data and information has surpassed traditional management and analysis techniques.

Datasheet - Data Modernization Options

There is no shortage of data available. It’s what you’re able to do with it that counts. A faster, easier integration and interrogation of data is required, one that reduces the number of points where human error or security risk can be introduced.

CIO Guide to Using SAP HANA

Learn more about SAP's unified data platform, an open and enterprise-ready foundation for data warehousing, analytical, and IoT applications.

Database Modernization for Federal Agencies

Ever-increasing data sources and types are quickly outpacing the ability to effectively manage and govern the data flows of federal agencies. Agencies must modernize if they are to keep current with the need to prepare, manage, analyze, and secure all of the information pouring into relational databases. This is especially true as upcoming versions of mission-critical databases will not be released for older operating systems like Solaris.

5 Factors for Federal Agencies to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Casey Coleman (Unisys Federal Systems), Dan Kasun (AWS) and Vernon Bailey (SAP NS2 ) discuss the 5 key factors to consider when making the move to the cloud.

Data Fusion for Battlefield Situational Awareness and Tactical Intelligence

Watch this webinar to learn how SAP HANA can help process intelligence and turn it into actionable information. Learn more through our data sheet or data sheet.

Structuring Big Data Architectures for Simplicity and Analytical Agility

View this webcast to learn about SAP's unified data platform, an open and enterprise-ready foundation for data warehousing, analytical, and IoT applications.

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