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At SAP NS2, security is never an afterthought. It’s in everything we do.

We built the SAP NS2 Cloud for you.

And we’ll keep innovating, to provide government and regulated customers with a portfolio of capabilities – all designed to support your unique security requirements in the cloud.

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Business systems aimed at protecting and defending our nation are constantly subjected to increased cyber threats. Because of this, organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD) require the utmost security and compliance. With defense budgets expected to decrease in coming years (now accelerated due to COVID-19), there is a huge need to close the gap between security and innovation all while minimizing cost. Today’s defense commanders rightly expect real-time data anytime and anywhere to enable precision speed decision-making. SAP NS2 helps organizations within the DoD leverage industry-leading SAP solutions that adhere to the compliance of FedRAMP-moderate and DoD IL4. All SAP NS2 cloud solutions are managed by US persons on US soil and built to integrate and innovate, while achieving the most stringent security compliance.

Aerospace & Defense (A&D) is a highly innovative industry that is constantly on the bleeding edge of technology. To accommodate the business needs of their customers, A&D organizations require development, testing, and certification processes to become less time consuming and more agile while retaining the same level of quality and security. SAP NS2 cloud solutions support this journey by facilitating the management of highly sophisticated tasks, creating more efficient collaboration and management of complex products, and incorporation of seamless communication and data sharing between departments and stakeholders. SAP NS2 leverages a privately managed cloud portfolio in a secure ITAR-compliant environment to support the technological needs of our customers while reducing all solution access to strictly be United States based.

The world is facing unprecedented health, economic, and social challenges. Emphasis on research and education have become more critical than ever for the constant transfer of knowledge and skills. Online learning environments have become the educational backbone virtually overnight, with social distancing and the closure of many institutions. Colleges and universities have never played a more important role in shaping the next-generation workforce and society. SAP NS2 understands these challenges and offers cloud-based solutions that provide an integrated suite of applications to help address evolving communication and learning needs. Higher education institutions can now leverage the ability to identify and address experience feedback while gaining insight into engagement and gaps in efficiencies. SAP NS2 has the solutions and commitment to meet the current and future challenges educational institutions face in defining their transformation strategy.

The world is accelerating at a strikingly fast rate while the core mission of state and local governments – to protect the community, provide services, and help the economy prosper – remains firmly in place. The challenge of keeping up while still maintaining primary responsibilities is no simple task. Public sector organizations must include data and business intelligence as a strategic priority and asset. This includes investing in emerging technology with a focus on open, standards-based technologies that support their overall mission. To continue moving forward and working towards modernization, governments must put the citizen in the center, leveraging data as an asset, and reimagining operating processes and models. SAP NS2 brings forward the SAP solutions and industry experience needed to securely execute digital modernization and advancement of core business processes, meeting all security compliance requirements (such as FedRAMP) of state and local governments.

We are seeing a massive shift toward sustainability and renewable energy sources influencing global business units, specifically within the utilities industry. This transition has a profound impact on society and is driving an industry-wide transformation. Utilities organizations are being reshaped by four trends: renewable energy, the digital “prosumer,” smart technologies, and value-added energy services. To succeed within these new confines, organizations must redefine their core strengths and learn to create value in the industry networks amidst rising competition. SAP NS2 offers organizations the ability to leverage intelligent technologies built to transform business processes and provide focused solutions geared towards employee development and success. The portfolio of solutions offered by SAP NS2 allows organizations to refocus business resources on developing innovative solutions to better impact the industry and society at large.

Today’s consumers want to be inspired and educated by organizations that share their values and deliver personalized outcomes. Now more than ever, to meet the needs of their consumers, commercial organizations must embrace next-generation business processes and incorporate intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, we are now finding that with the advancement of technology, cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent and data security is a growing priority across all industries. SAP NS2 provides commercial organizations with a diverse portfolio of secure SAP cloud solutions that revolutionize business processes and provide real-time data-driven support while also delivering heightened security and protection.

Organizations in the intelligence community require the utmost protection in order to safeguard our nation’s critical data. This requires a prioritization on readiness and the addition of technologies that focus on integration, national security, and improvement of operational efficiencies. At its core, readiness in the national security environment means having the right people, equipment, and capabilities to counter known threats and respond to contingencies that arise, both now and in the future. While specific nuances may differ by agency and mission, the objectives for technology centers around security and adherence to the utmost compliance requirements including FedRAMP and DoD IL4. At SAP NS2, we provide agencies with SAP solutions that aid in operational readiness and leverage industry-leading cloud technology that meets the needs of the most stringent industry security requirement. All solutions and support are delivered by United States persons on United States soil.


  • Narrowing the divide between security and innovation
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to protect lives, assets, and information
  • Provide FedRAMP-compliant SAP cloud solutions designed specifically for security and scalability
  • 100% U.S. persons on U.S. soil


  • Secure SAP and third-party cloud solutions
  • Secure support and services
  • Subject matter experts in SAP solutions to support the national security mission
  • Fully credentialed professional services
  • Deep partner ecosystem
  • Agile and flexible licensing models

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SAP NS2 Secure Cloud – Ensuring you have the relevant security controls to fulfill the security regulations that are required of your organization

In today’s ever-changing cyber landscape, threats are constantly evolving and growing. Nation-states and hackers all over the world are targeting organizations every moment. Organizations need assistance with the different regulations they need to comply with in order protect their critical networks. There are multiple regulations and frameworks (i.e., FedRAMP, NIST, ITAR, HIPAA, GDPR and SOX) that may be required, often with overlapping requirements.

Let’s talk secure cloud

We built the SAP NS2 Cloud for you.  And we’ll keep innovating, to provide government and regulated customers with a portfolio of capabilities – all designed to support your unique security requirements in the cloud.

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